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Italy - Parma: I tried Italveneta's items with my 3 year old son at the Mall Eurosia, Parma, and I was impressed by the excellent workmanship and the safety of these large toys. 

Australia: You outdoor products are sturdy and very practical which is great for our market. Customers who do buy the product are always very satisfied

Slovakia: We (and of course our clients) like your product very much as we find it very attractive, high quality and with an easy assembly which is very good as they do not need to count with an additional cost for it... We like your approach  - all of you are flexible and prompt so it is very nice to work with you!!! We hope the our Slovak people will finally become aware that is worth paying for quality products that lasts a long time then to buy new junk items every year...

Greece: We have chosen to work with you because of good communication between our 2 companies, pricing, prompt deliveries without any delays or mistakes as well as because of the good quality of your products. Hopefully, we continue the good collaboration! 

Hungary: First of all we like the nice person working at Italveneta, the helpful service and the friendly atmosphere. The quality of the items is very good

Qatar: Your products are very strong, durable and colorful. We love Cubic Toy and Wagon Toy.

Italy - Arezzo: Congratulations: excellent supplier, excellent products, it is a pleasure to work with you and to get high quality Italian products


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